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Quotes for Life and Design… because, is there a difference?

In my own life I always look to quotes. A good quote can keep you going, motivate you and inspire you. Sometimes they are said by the most influential people in the world, but often, they are spoken by people close to you, people far less famous, but their words no less profound. A great song or movie can have some good advice in it. Inspiration can come from all angles. It seems as I go through the process of becoming the designer I want to be, I find that my life and my design are becoming more intertwined. I had this idea in college that my day job would be my day job and my life would be my life. But, being that design is my passion, design IS my life. I am loving the relationship the two have in my little world as I am making the changes to become the designer I want to be. These quotes are some of my favorite for both Life and Design, because there isn’t a difference.

“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” — Joe Sparano

“Let it Be.” – The Beatles

“Every designers’ dirty little secret is that they copy other designers’ work. They see work they like, and they imitate it. Rather cheekily, they call this inspiration.”

— Aaron Russell

“Grow old, but don’t grow up.” – My Dad

“Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run free with.” – Carrie Bradshaw

“Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood.”

— Fabien Barral

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” – A League of Their Own

“The difference between a Designer and Developer, when it comes to design skills, is the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it.”

— Scott Hanselman

“I want Bones like Iron, blood like Mercury.”  – Dispatch

“The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.”

– Stephen Nachmanovitch

I found this article from Design Was Here, it has some great design quotes, but more importantly, the presentation of the quotes is phenomenal! Here are even more from Graphic Design Blog . 🙂


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The most important thing, 2010

image of the kiss

Matthew and I on our wedding day. You can see the DIY ribbon curtain, one of the many (and easier) personal touches in our wedding

Well, I have decided to become a part of WordPress’ post a week. Its a commitment to blogging more often, and more consistently, which justcallmemuse could use! So, without further adieu my first post under this category. Whats the most important thing I did in 2010 and how will I top it in 2011? Easily, the most important thing I did was get married to my best friend! This may sound like a personal accomplishment as opposed to a professional one, but the wedding part of my marriage was an avenue where I was able to apply many of my professional skills. I also learned a lot about myself and my ability to handle stress and things unknown.

My wedding was completely DIY, from the invites to the venue, we did a LOT of it ourselves, and Matthew, my husband, was amazing and helped in more ways then I could have imagined. I was able to design a lot of things in my wedding which was a fun challenge, and at the same time it was the first time I was my own client, I learned a lot about myself through this process and I believe it greatly helped my design skills. So, how will I top one of my favorite days ever? That’s a good question!

I have thought about a lot of mini goals I want to accomplish and they all seem to be microcosms of one larger goal, Starting my own Design business, so perhaps, that is my one upper… I have been wanting to for a while, and justcallmemuse has been my playful idea of my own business as well as provided a venue for my work and thoughts. So, with a real live website coming soon, and getting the word out there about what i can do, perhaps clients will follow.  I am in conversations with people about my work, but 2011 will be the year of really getting to work, getting seen, getting my products in stores and perhaps, if i am lucky a little fun growth and revenue along the way 🙂

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Good Design

I found this really great post on a really great blog today! Just thought I would share it! Its all about Magazines and Design Philosophy

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